Thursday, November 16, 2006

GST hike

In response to blog posts by Mr Wang, Aaron Ng, Bart J and Kway Teow Man, I have the following to say.

In my days between NS and NUS over a decade ago, I worked as a security guard. The job consisted of 12 hour shifts, mostly spent standing. I discovered some co-workers were very lazy. Always looking for opportunities to nap, arriving late, leaving early. Then I realised the reason: they were doing another 12 hour security guard shift somewhere else, effectively working 24 hours a day, every working day. Why? Because they need to earn at least about $2k every month to make ends meet, or something bad will happen. In my time, I have met people who would skip meals to make ends meet. Many of these people may not even meet the definition of poor because of their inelastically high expenditure is masked by their not-so-low income. Whether or not the CCC, MCYS, or their "I didnt know there are poor people in developed countries" MPs are capable of targetting the genuinely needy is a big question mark.

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