Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Grumblings about LG's LG60 series TV

In case anybody is wondering, I'm still alive. Just not blogging that frequently. But after doing so much research that led me to a deadend, I feel obliged to write this down somewhere.

I am in the market to look for a LCD TV. My personal stimulus package for the world economy. After doing much reading, I have singled out LG, and it particular the LG 37LG60. It's supposed to be everything I need at a reasonable price. Except of course, it is not.

You see, if you buy the 37LG60 is North America, you get a set that comes with Full HD and 120Hz Trumotion. Now I know these features may not be useful at all, these are things that are nice to have, and TVs sporting these features cost a premium. And in North America, the 37LG60 is the cheapest boasting these features.

However, if you buy the same LG60 series TV in Singapore (or most of Asia, it seems), you get a different beast. The smaller ones, the 32LG60UR and 37LG60UR, are not Full HD. The larger ones, 42LG60FR and so on, are Full HD. All of them do *NOT* support 100/120Hz Trumotion, unlike their North American counterparts.

So, if you see a 37LG60UR in Singapore, and google about it, the only useful reviews you can find are that of North American sets. No useful review of the Asian set seems to exist. And since they are different in at least those two aspects, you cannot assume there is any similiarity in the two sets.

This problem does not seem exclusive to the LG60 series. Apparently, in North America, the LG70 series is advertised to support 120Hz Trumotion, but the 32LG70 does not. At least there is no such feature in the menus, unlike in larger sets.

The shrewd LCD buyer will probably be making fun of me now, noting that the only reason why people are confused is because they cant see the difference, which I agree.

But I cant help but feel cheated by LG for intentionally obfuscating the feature sets of TVs that are only alike in the bezels and stands, and in doing so command a price premium for the semi-ignorant buyer like me.