Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Finn who loved Singapore aka The Finn punched a Singaporean woman

I found this via the Sammyboy forum, and it is totally hilarious. This is what Mika Sampovaara wrote that was published by the Straits Times:

He left welfare state to come to Singapore

I WOULD like to commend Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for sticking to the Singaporean economic model.

I read with interest his views regarding Scandinavian welfare states. I am from one of them: Finland.

While it is true that there is more 'welfare' in Scandinavia, it comes at a price. Public spending in my country stands at 25 per cent of GDP, twice that of Singapore.

The government in Finland spends vast amounts of money on free health care and education, nearly twice the 8 per cent of GDP spent in Singapore. Having been to Changi hospital I can say that health care here is no worse than in my country and the charges are very reasonable. My point is it doesn't have to be free.

It's a question of choice and pricing. The public sector typically does not run the most efficient services, because the services are non-competitive.

Singapore runs a tighter ship, because it's only partially subsidised. Compulsory savings schemes for health care and pensions are a far better way. So is taxing consumption over income.

Many people in my country give up half or more of their gross incomes to finance the almighty welfare state. This serves to promote equality of sorts and creates a vast middle class. It also stifles entrepreneurism and leads to voluntary unemployment. The cost of living is higher too, with GST at 22 per cent.

I disagreed with the crushing taxes in my country. It is for this reason that I came to Singapore, and was happy to give up the benefits I had paid for over the years.

Long live the Singaporean model.

Mika Sampovaara

So who is this Mika? Apparently, he is a derivatives trader. Want to know more? Read this news extract:

A man was fined $1,000 in court for hurting a woman after her pet dog crossed his path.

Mika Johannes Sampovaara pleaded guilty to a charge of causing hurt to Mindy Tan Lay Eng outside her home in Siglap on February 4 last year.

The complainant had earlier asked for $50,000 as compensation. Sampovaara had offered to pay her $38,000 instead, but she refused.

Channel NewsAsia understands Tan may take a civil suit against Sampovaara for the injuries she suffered. - CNA/de
Coincidence? I think not. I dont think anybody ever said Singapore is not a paradise for high income high net worth individuals, especially foreigners who eat here, shit here, punch people here and get away with light sentence. Somehow, I dont think he gave up his Finnish citizenship, and probably intends to return to Finland after he is done milking Singapore. What a hypocrite.


  1. Check out the Helsinki Complaints Choir at:

  2. Foreigners are just leeches sucking the blood right out of Singapore.

    They just flock here like locusts and they actually get paid ridiculously for it.

    I don't believe our fellow Singaporeans can't do what these white trashes do.

    And they have that "higher than thou, bow to me attitude".

    And some actually have the gall to open their trap in circumstances which are none of their business.

    Tell them all to crawl back wherever they crawled out from. PLEASE.

  3. seriously i have to beg your pardon

    "flock here like locusts" - does that include your ancestors who moved here all those years ago?

    "higher than thou, bow to me attitude" - how many caucasians do you actually know?

    "I don't believe our fellow Singaporeans can't do what these white trashes do" - i agree. the majority of singaporeans are extremely talented individuals. however, there are certain niches of talent that do not exist here or are not quite yet developed fully. hence the need for foreigners who can fill those gaps. but you knew that didn't you?

    "circumstances which are none of their business" - as a singapore permanent resident who intends to settle here, and raise my future children here, i do believe state issues are my business.

    perhaps we can sit down some time and discuss this further?

    for the record, i am not sticking up with this guy. punching people is wrong... but it was very hurtful to read your uninformed comments and i just had to make a reply.

  4. Make all FTs do NS and see who wants to come.

  5. Mark, i don't really think you even put you,your family and your kind in the same category as our ancestors.

    They bulit Singapore from scratch, while you just came here and enjoyed the fruits of their labour.

    If Sinapre isnt what it is today, not to mention the hefty pay you get every month, would you still be here acting all self righteous.

    Don't think so....

  6. sorry you've made a sweeping statement there without knowing who i am or where and what i have come from.

    are you free for coffee sometime? i'll pay.

  7. oneofmany:

    You're not your ancestor.
    All you did was get born here. :p

  8. Ha ha ha, "anonymous" sounds like the Finns that are complaining about the foreigners who come here to "benefit of the welfare state". Good to see that the human nature is the same all around the world.

    Yes, I agree that Mr. Sampovaara ought to live in Singapore as the Singaporeans do. It is quite rude to go somewhere and start complaining. Especially if you have come there as it is "better than home".

  9. What anony said is kinda extreme but it does have its validity.

    True we need expertise in areas we lack. Yet that doesn't mean foreigners can just come in here and take advantage of our hospitality and shoot their mouths off as, when and how they like.

    Maybe the goverment should just invite such talents on a loan basis, let them train our people, pay them, them let them be on their way.

    IMO, if we let them stay on without them becoming PRs, then they would just add on to the many problems we are now facing.

    One of them being the surge in property prices. With their obscene pay, of course they can afford to astronomical prices which in turn will only force Singaporeans to pay so much more for just a roof over their heads, be it HDBs or private property.

    Singapore is small enough without foreigners coming here to speculate on propertites meant for Singaporeans.

    Another thing, if Poo is a foreigner, then making that comment would be irrelevant as again, you are just guests here.

    But if you are a Singaporean, then, I'm sorry to say that you are a disgrace and embarresment to all your countrymen.I'm sure your parents and family would.t feel too good with a comment like that coming out of your mouth.


  10. Having moved to and lived in the West for nearly 2 decades now, I can tell you that the discrimination against Asians is virulent and institutionalised.

    Apart from the numerous demands that I "f--k off back to China" and death threats coming from the common white person in the street every now and then, jobs here are harder to find, promotions harder to attain and TANGIBLE glass ceilings are everywhere for the non-white. Yet in Singapore, we are kowtowing to these dubiously-qualified, melanin-lacking neanderthals.

    It is about time that Singaporeans wake up to the truth of "racial equality" in the West. It is a colourful euphemism for base exploitation with "diversity" masquerading as progress. To be beholden to these neanderthals is to invite exploitation and worse. The only reason I see our Government that obsequious to Westerners and Western interests in general, is probably due to blackmail.

    Never the ones to shy from expressing themselves, these increasingly common headlines below clearly show just how much Westerners adore ethnic minority migrants.

    Violent end: Learning to feel unsafe,21985,23673284-2862,00.html

    Foreign students feel high price to study,21985,23673379-2862,00.html

    Shame over foreign students in Melbourne,21985,23673455-661,00.html

    A very risky business,21985,23625613-2862,00.html

    Migrant graduates failing to get jobs,25197,23614505-25918,00.html

    Any wonder why many West-bound "quitters" end up coming back to Singapore?

  11. Singaporeans really deserve it sometimes. Despite his ugly behavior, he was allowed to settle the offense with a 1000/- dollar fine . If the same offense was committed by a local, do you think it will be just a 1000/-?