Friday, May 08, 2009

Gay movement now resorting to terrorist methods

An envelope containing white powder was sent to the Church of Our Saviour office at Margaret Drive, in Queenstown, last Thursday.

The envelope was addressed to the senior pastor of the Anglican church but it was not known if the name of the pastor, Reverend Derek Hong, was indicated.


  1. It could have also been sent by a member of the anti-gay movement, though not necessarily with the knowledge of the COOS. I don't think any one is so stupid as to not realise that the outcome of such an action is to gain public sympathy for the COOS.

    After all, what better way to win public sympathy than to present oneself as a victim of persecution?

    Maybe one of the gay activists should also send an envelope containing white powder to Dana Lam and co just to make things even.

  2. Fox,

    I have seen the Gay Lobby using fear as a weapon against Christians. After all the fearmongering about Christians hijacking all civil societies in Singapore, I would say that the tactic is consistent. Until then, you are free to speculate.

  3. I meant "You are free to speculate anything, but until then, there is no reason to believe it wasnt from the Gay Lobby."