Friday, May 11, 2007

Sad, pathetic neocons in the ST forum

I had a glance at today's ST Forum and no less than 3 letters were published supporting the US invasion of Iraq as a just response to 9/11, even though NO Iraqi, including Saddam, was ever remotely implicated in the plot after all these years. No WMD. Most Americans are not even buying the whole idea of "taking the fight to the terrorists in Iraq instead of letting them attack us in our backyard" mambo jambo, and yet there is at least three morons who still think so. Four years ago, I be angry. Now, I am just laughing at their silly need to be consistent with the pro-war stance they took four years ago. It's okay to admit you were misled, oh poor Prem Singh, Vincent Heng Meng Chye and Edmund Khoo Kim Hock. This video is for you three sad pathetic souls, and the stupid ST Editor who published your letters.

Found the video via essays and effluvia


  1. Those Articles were for the PM< not for the US of A!

  2. ah another colbert fan! i recommend it has other more noteworthy clips to tickle your funny bone, esp. on the neocons and their screw up in MESSopotamia (courtesy of the daily show).

  3. sometimes its not always so clear as to who is right and who is wrong. there may be so many things going on behind the scenes that the audience (us) may just get deluded. So I just feel its unfair to call people pathetic, stupid etc based on superficial facts presented to us without actually being part of the "plot" ourselves. remember, when u point ur finger at someone else, 3 of ur fingers are pointing back at you.

  4. manbeer,

    thank you for the link. I'll have a look.

    anonymous #3,

    It has been FOUR years since the invasion. In FOUR years, absolutely nothing can be found to prove the pre-war assertions of WMDs or terrorism links. Even former insiders like Colin Powell, Richard Perle and George Tenet are distancing themselves from this whole Iraq debacle.

    Remember, people like me who are against the war never pointed fingers at anyone. It was the pro-war idiots who were making assertions about the necessity of war. And these three idiots writing to the ST Forum continue to wallow in their idiocy, despite the vast amount of hard evidence proving them wrong.

    If you are stuck in the American heartland with only "patriotic" news source like Fox News, then my sympathies to you for living in delusion. But Singaporeans have no excuse. Singaporean may be biased with local news, but it is pretty neutral with international news.

    Take a look at Iraq Coalition Casualties, for the horrific body count, even if you think American lives are the only one that matter.

  5. Fox News Channel is not "patriotic", it's just very Republican. :D

  6. Oh yeah, Stephen Colbert is hilarious.

    I get my news from some sites, is one of those sites I visit.

  7. thanks for the colbert link. I'll take a look!