Sunday, April 01, 2007

When will Singapore have bike lanes?

Until the million dollar ministers find the talents to build bike lanes in Singapore, a feature so common in so many benchmark big cities, I can only believe that the only good in paying them millions is to appease their greed.


  1. interesting blog. i followed ur profile to this blog after reading ur exchange with Bart JP.

    hope u will blog about the immigration and other issues

  2. Thanks for you comment, kukuboy!

    I will be blogging more about immigration issues in the coming days, when I get the time. Had been busy with job interviews.

  3. Why should they build bike lanes if all of them get a $200,000 yearly car allowance? If none of them have to put up with overcrowding on public transport?

    It would also be helpful to have bike racks on buses and allow bikes on trains. Bike racks would cost a fraction of what TV Mobile costs.